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Elevate your real estate portfolio and watch your investment grow. Discover Kenya's premier new developments, where luxurious amenities and modern design create the ultimate living experience.

Get personalized advice from our team to find the properties that align with your goals. Maximize your investment and achieve your real estate dreams – call us today for a free consultation.

New Developments

Don’t miss out on Kenya’s hottest new developments!

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New Developments

Elevate your real estate portfolio. Discover Kenya's premier new developments with luxurious amenities. Get personalized advice and maximize your investment – call us today for a free consultation.

New Development
For sale
New Development
KSh 23,000,000
2 Bed | 3 Bath | 156 sqm
For sale
New Development
From KSh 32,000,000
3 Bed | 4 Bath | DSQ| 238 sqm
For sale
KSh 8,928,864
1 Bed | 1 Bath | 35 sqm
For sale
KSh 23,118,090
3 Bed | 4 Bath | 138.49 sqm
For sale
New Development
KSh 5,710,000 Per Unit
1 Bed | 1 Bath
For sale
New Development
KSh 15,579,640
1 Bed | 1 Bath | 67.5 Sqm

Buy & Build

Own a piece of paradise in a secure and exclusive gated community. Find the perfect land to build your dream home. Enjoy peace of mind, beautiful surroundings, and a strong investment for your future. Contact us today to explore your buy-and-build options!

Gated Community
For sale
Gated Community
KSh 15,000,000
For sale
Gated Community
KSh 712,000 Per Plot
1/8 Acre
For sale
Gated Community
KSh 8,500,000 Per Plot
0.25 Acres
For sale
Gated Community
KSh 8,600,000 Per Plot
1/4 Acre
For sale
Gated Community
KSh 9,000,000
For sale
Gated Community
KSh 612,000 Per Plot
0.125 Acres


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Contact information for our listing agent is usually provided within each property listing. You can directly contact them to schedule a viewing or inquire about the property. Our website might also offer a contact form to connect with the relevant party.

Amenities vary depending on the development, but some commonly offered features include swimming pools, gyms, security services, backup generators, and green spaces. Be sure to review the specific listing details to see what amenities are included in each property.

  • Early unit selection: You might have a wider choice of units, potentially securing preferred locations or layouts.
  • Potentially lower costs: Initial off-plan prices can be lower than the final market value upon completion. However, market fluctuations can occur.
  • Extended payment plans: Developers may offer flexible payment plans, easing the financial burden compared to a lump sum purchase.
  • Limited customization options (in some cases): Depending on the developer and construction stage, you might have the ability to personalize certain aspects of your unit (e.g., finishes, fixtures).
  • Market fluctuations: Property values might not appreciate as anticipated during the construction phase.
  • Construction delays: Completion timelines can be subject to unforeseen circumstances, potentially causing delays in receiving the property.
  • Limited control during construction: Your influence on the construction process or final product is generally restricted.
  • Yes. Foreigners can purchase properties with the following:
    • Kenyan Revenue Authority (KRA) PIN: This tax identification number is required for all property transactions.
    • Valid Passport: Proof of identity is mandatory.

Additional Requirements for Foreigners:

  • Alien Land Holding License: While foreigners cannot directly own land, they can obtain a leasehold interest for up to 99 years. Consult a lawyer for details.
  • Legal Guidance: Involving a lawyer specializing in Kenyan property transactions is crucial throughout the process.

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